I’m joining Razorfish

I am now an employee of a digital powerhouse called Razorfish.  I’m very excited about this.  Whereas before I wrote applications, I am now writing “experiences” – which is a hipster way of saying that I get to apply all of my experience writing LOB applications in WPF and Silverlight to making cool UX (my private vice is now my fulltime job).

I’m actually working for a team within Razorfish called the Emerging Experiences Group which does cutting edge development with Microsoft Surface, Windows Phone, augmented reality and other neat toys.  If you have seen the recent WP7 launch (or happened to be in Barcelona when the phone was announced) you will have noticed the EE’s work even if you didn’t know who they are – EE wrote the “BAP”: the giant windows phone display used to demonstrate how Windows Phone works back when there were very few devices to hand out to people.

My first incredibly cool week as a Presentation Layer Architect in the Emerging Experiences Group was taken up with helping to build an application experience to be debuted at the 2010 Wired Store: http://www.wired.com/about/2010/11/wired-brings-the-best-of-what%E2%80%99s-next-to-new-york-city-experiential-gallery-open-for-the-holidays-in-noho-shopping-district/ 

You can check out more work by Razorfish’s Emerging Experiences Group here: http://emergingexperiences.com/portfolio/

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