RESTful WCF at Atlanta Code Camp


This past Saturday was the Atlanta Code Camp.  I want to be make a point of thanking Cliff Jacobson, Dan Attis, Doug Ware, Glen Gordon, Jeff Ammons and all the other organizers who made this a brilliant event.

My company, Magenic Technologies, presented at seven of the sessions this year. 

Sergey Barskiy, who was a developer on the CSLA-Lite team, presented on Building Silverlight Business Applications using CSLA.NET for Silverlight.

Whitney Weaver, another of our principal consultants and a master of all things data, spoke on What’s my data doing while I sleep? Tracking data changes in SQL Server 2008.

Colin Whitlatch presented an Introduction to ASP.NET MVC, and is planning to extend his presentation over the next few weeks on his blog, where he will be digging deep into ASP.NET MVC and helping others to do the same.

Jason Rainwater needs a blog, because he is currently one of the best WPF experts in Atlanta and there aren’t enough venues at this point for him to show off everything he knows.  He did two presentations this year: WPF Custom Controls and WPF DataBinding.

I presented on REST-ful WCF (the hyphen is a personal grammatical quirk rather than any attempt to make a philosophical point) and Mocking with Rhino Mocks and TypeMock: A Head-to-head Comparison.  I also got to make a short app-dev appearance in Tejas Patel’s Use of data mining controls with ASP.NET presentation.

As promised to the attendees, I’m making the code samples and slide-decks available.  Please excuse the lack of organization in the code — it’s pretty much just what I was writing while I was on-stage, but should be helpful if anyone is looking for samples.  All the code uses Visual Studio 2008.  The mocking samples will require that you have the appropriate dll’s for Rhino Mocks, which is free,  and TypeMock Isolator, which has a 30-day trial.

I am indebted to Pedram Rezaei for getting me started on the WCF-to-Flikr sample.

The Rest-ful WCF slide-deck and code can be downloaded here.

The Mocking powerpoint and samples are available here.

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