Your First Windows Phone Development Book


Shortly after the announcement at MIX that the Windows Phone Developer Tools were available for download, a free e-book by Charles Petzold on developing for Windows Phone showed up on the Internet.  You can download it from his site here.  It includes six chapters from the book and, from what I’ve read so far, is great.  The XPS I downloaded is 156 pages – so it is quite a bit more than a tease.

The book begins in Petzold’s characteristically off-center and brilliant style:

“This is a short draft preview of a much longer ebook that will be completed and published later this year. That later edition will be brilliantly conceived, exquisitely structured, elegantly written, delightfully witty, and refreshingly free of bugs, but this draft preview is none of that. It is very obviously a work-in-progress that was created under an impossible timeframe while targeting quickly evolving software.”

6 thoughts on “Your First Windows Phone Development Book”

  1. Phone development is the most exciting thing to happen to Silverlight. I hope to be able to work through this book over the next few months. Thanks for sharing!

    Now that the development tools have been announced, how long before ALEMUG and the Silverlight Meetup start having talks about developing on the new devices?

  2. The most comprehensive and very well thought out write up I have found on this subject on the net. Keep on writing, I will keep on coming by to read your new content. This is my fourth time coming by your blog.

  3. Nice. I’m glad to see that there is documentation available on these new phones. It’s been a pain trying to find resources on it online.

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