Things of Note 01-02-2019

Mike Taulty has a great series on Project Prague:

Christopher Diggins has listed out some undocumented APIs in the 3DS Max .NET SDK: that nobody knows about. Tres cool.

Magic Leap received approximately 6,000 submissions for its Independent Creator program. I think I’m associated with at least 20 of those. Considering that cash is Magic Leap’s biggest asset, this is a great way to be using its muscle. Building up an app ecosystem for mixed reality is a great thing and will help other vendors like Microsoft and Apple down the road. And who knows. Maybe one of those 6000 proposals is the killer MR app.

There are rumors of a HoloLens v2 announcement in January, but don’t hold your breath. There are also rumors of a K4A announcement in January, which seems more likely. In the past, we’ve seen one tech announcement (Windows MR [really Windows VR]) substitute for silence regarding HoloLens, so this may be another instance of that.

Many people are asking what’s happening with the Microsoft MRTK vNext branch. It’s still out there but … who knows?

The Lumin SDK 0.19 started rolling out a couple of weeks ago and the LuminOS is now on version 0.94.0. HoloLens always got dinged for iterating too slowly while Magic Leap gets dinged for changing too quickly. What’s a bleeding edge technology company to do?

I’ve gotten through 4 of the endings of the Black Mirror movie Bandersnatch on Netflix. It makes you think, but not very hard, which is about the right pace for most of us. And Spotify has a playlist for the movie. You should listen to the Bandersnatch playlist on shuffle play, obviously.

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