Jon Snow Lives (and how he would do it)



Those watching Game of Thrones on TV just got the last of George R. R. Martin’s big whammies. Book readers have known about this since around 2011. They also have had almost four years to come up with rescue plans for one of their favorite characters. Here are a few that have been worked out over the years. For a series that is famous for killing characters off, there are a surprising number of ways to bring people back in Westeros. Remember, in the game of thrones, you win or you die or you somehow get resurrected. People always forget that last part.

1. Julius Ceasar Jon — dead is dead. Got to throw this out there even though no one really believes it.
2. Jesus Christ Jon — As the Azor Ahai Jon somehow resurrects himself. The best scenario I saw is that they attempt to burn his body but he rises from the ashes.

3. UnJon — Melisandre does some blood magic to bring Jon back like Thoros brings back Beric Dondarrion. Mel and Thoros worship the same god and use similar magic.
4. Sherlock Holmes Jon — Jon fakes his own death in order to leave the wall.
5. J.R. Ewing Jon — the antecedents are Arya at the twins and Theon’s fake out with Bran’s and Rickon’s bodies at Winterfell — Jon isn’t dead at all and survives his cuts. The narrative and screen cuts just makes us think he’s dead.
6. General Hospital Jon — in a coma.
7. Jon Cleese — just a flesh wound.

8. Do Over Jon — Mel or Wildling medicine restores Jon with no lasting effects. No better or worse than before.
9. Cold Hands Jon — there are good wights, too, after all. In the books, there is a character referred to as Cold Hands who has all the characteristics of a white walker but is helpful.

10. Other Jon (aka Darth Jon) — and then again, there are bad wights (most of them, in fact). This would be the graying of Jon Snow’s character if he goes over to the dark side, per prophecy and fan theory.
11. Alter-Jon — like the Mace/Rattleshirt switcheroo in the books, someone else has been glamored to look like Jon. The faceless men have this magic, so we know it exists.

12. Targ Warg Jon — warging runs in the Stark blood. This opens up additional variations:

12a. Ghost Jon — Jon lives out the next season in his wolf Ghost.
12b. Ice Jon — He goes to Ghost but comes back into his own body which is preserved in a frozen state under the Wall.
12c. Wun Wun Jon — From Ghost to a nice new strong body with a simple mind (a book specific theory).
12d. Stannis Jon — From Ghost to Stannis — if Stannis is dead, he won’t be needing his body. Plus this would allow Jon to prosecute his war against the Lannisters, taking up from his brother Rob.
12e. Dragon Jon — Jon goes to Ghost and then into one of Dany’s dragons (or maybe another dragon under the Wall or under Winterfell). Makes him literally the third head of the dragon (you followers of ancient Westeros prophecies know what I’m talkin’ about – yeah you do).

13. Kentucky Fried Jon — like Victarion’s arm (old book history), a healing magic to sustain life through burning.


14. Frankenstein’s Monster Jon – Qyburn, we discover in the season finally, has basically brought Gregor Clegane back to life (Gregorstein) through some kind of laboratory science. If Jon is put on ice, Qyburn may eventually do the same for Jon. Or mix and match the two, who knows.

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