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Today’s Silverlight Firestarter in Atlanta was a remarkable event due in large part to the remarkable audience.  We started off with about 110 attendees, and while some left throughout the day, just as many came in to replace them.  By my session, which was the last presentation of the Firestarter, the audience was still enthusiastic and responsive – really amazing considering they’d been receiving a massive Silverlight brain-dump for the past nine hours from some of the best Silverlight developers and architects in Atlanta.

As promised, I am posting the various websites I discussed during my presentation on the Silverlight Ecosystem – the combination of corporate and community resources that make up Silverlight.

Silverlight Control Suites:

The Silverlight Toolkit:

SL Extensions and Silverlight Contrib:


Component Art:







Netika Tech:






Silverlight Book Recommendations:

Pro Silverlight 3 in C# – Matthew MacDonald (Great reference work)

Silverlight 2 in Action – Campbell & Stockton (Excellent beginner’s book)

Foundation Expression Blend 3 with Silverlight – Victor Gaudioso

Foundation Silverlight 3 Animation – Jeff Paries

Data-Driven Services with Silverlight 2 – John Papa


Silverlight Tutorials:

Channel 9


Silverlight Blogs:

The Silverlight Geek (Jesse Liberty)

method ~ of ~ failed (Tim Heuer)

Brad Abrams

Shawn Wildermuth

Jeff Prosise

85 Turns (Corey Schuman)

Dan Wahlin

Adam Kinney

Charles Petzold

Page Brooks

Rob Zelt


Silverlight Forums: (You can usually get your SL questions answered within a day, if not within minutes, at the forums) (An excellent place to look for some inspiration)


Free Silverlight Code:


Silverlight Contests: (Due September 14th) (Due September 22nd)

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