How Will Battlestar Galactica End?


I’m such a loser.  Hours away from the BSG finale and I am still blogging about code.

So how will Battlestar Galactica end tonight?  I am hoping for a classic Dallas ending.  Apollo wakes up on the 1978 Galactica from a nightmare in which he is a sociopath politician named Tom Zarek on an alternate Galactica in which Dr. Z is never found and Earth is a wasteland.  It turns out that this is part of an evil plot devised by Count Iblis, but Starbuck, Apollo, Boomer, Lieutenant Zack and Muffit, Boxey’s Daggit, foil Iblis’s scheme and bring sanity back to the Galactica.  When Apollo tells Starbuck about their intimate relationship in his dream, it creates some awkwardness, but they work it out in a game of pyrimid and then go down to the gambling planet to get good and sloshed.

Can’t wait ’till tonight when I get to see how close I am.  It’s definitely a Crystal and Courvoisier kind of evening.

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