The Timelessness of Emerging Technology

In the previous post I wrote about “experience.” Here I’d like to talk about the “emerging.” There are two quotations everyone who loves technology or suffers under the burden of technology should be familiar with. The first is Arthur C. Clarke’s quote about technology and magic. The other is William Gibson’s quote about the dissemination

App vs Experience

In a recent talk (captured on Youtube) a Microsoft employee explained the difference between an “app” and an “experience” in this way: “We have divas in our development group and they want to make special names for things.” He expressed an opinion many developers in the Microsoft stack probably share but do not normally say

Hitchhiking the Backroads to Augmented Reality

To date, Microsoft has been resistant to sharing information about the HoloLens technology. Instead, they have relied on shock and awe demos to impress people with the overall experience rather than getting mired down in the nitty-gritty of the software and hardware engineering. Even something as simple as the field-of-view is never described in mundane

Virtual Reality Showdown at CES 2016

Virtual Reality had its own section at CES this year in the Las Vegas Convention Center South Hall. Oculus had a booth downstairs near my company’s booth while the OSVR (Open Source Virtual Reality) device was being demonstrated upstairs in the Razer booth. The Project Morpheus (now Playstation VR) was being demoed in the large

Website Update 01-13-16

I have updated this WordPress blog to version 4.4.1. I also moved my database from cleardb, which typically hosts MySQL for Microsoft Azure, to a MySQL Docker Container running in Azure. After wasting a lot of time trying to figure out how to do this, I found a brilliant post by Morten Lerudjordet that took

Kinect developer preview for Windows 10

  With Kind permission from the Product Group, I am reprinting this from an email that went out the Kinect developers mailing list. Please also check out Mike Taulty’s blog for a walkthrough of what’s provided. The short version, though, is now you can access the perception API’s to work with Kinect v2 in a

The Knowledge Bubble

Coding is hard and learning to code is perhaps even harder. The current software community is in a quandary these days about how to learn … much less why we must learn. It is now acknowledged that a software developer must constantly retool himself (as an actor must constantly rebrand herself) in order to remain

You might be a HoloLens developer if

You currently can sign up to be selected to receive a HoloLens dev kit sometime in the 1st quarter of 2016. The advertised price is $3000 and there’s been lots of kerfuffle over this online, both pro and con. On the one hand, a high price tag for the dev kit ensures that only those

How HoloLens Sensors Work

In addition to a sophisticated AR display, the Micosoft HoloLens contains a wide array of sensors that constantly collect data about the user’s external and internal environments. These sensors are used to synchronize the augmented reality world with the real world as well as respond to commands. The HoloLens’s sensor technology can be thought of