The Next Big Thing in Depth Sensors

Today Orbbec3D, my employer, announced a new depth sensor called the Orbbec Persee. We are calling it a camera-computer because instead of attaching a sensor to a computer, we’ve taken the much more reasonable approach of putting the computer inside our sensor. It’s basically a 3D camera that doesn’t require a separate computer hooked up

Ceci n’est pas une pipe bombe

This is the picture of the homemade clock Ahmed Mohamed brought to his Irving, Texas high school. Apparently no one ever mistook it for a bomb, but they did suspect that it was made to look like a bomb and so they dragged the hapless boy off in handcuffs and suspended him for three days.

The Problem with Comparing Depth Camera Resolutions

We all want to have an easy way to compare different depth cameras to one another. Where we often stumble in comparing depth cameras, however, is in making the mistake of thinking of them in the same way we think of color cameras or color displays. When we go to buy a color television or

HoloLens Fashionista

While Google Glass certainly had its problems as an augmented reality device – among other things not really being an augmented reality device as GA Tech professor Blair MacIntyre pointed out – it did demonstrate two remarkable things. First, that people are willing to shell out $1500 for new technology. In the debates over the

Why Augmented Reality is harder than Virtual Reality

At first blush, it seems like augmented reality should be easier than virtual reality. Whereas virtual reality involves the generation of full stereoscopic digital environments as well as interactive objects to place in those environments, augmented reality is simply adding digital content to our view of the real world. Virtual reality would seem to be

The HoloCoder’s Resume

  In an ideal world, the resume is an advertisement for our capabilities and the interview process is an audit of those claims. Many factors have contributed to complicating what should be a simple process.     The first is the rise of professional IT recruiters and the automation of the resume process. Recruiters bring

HoloLens App Development with Unity

A few months ago I wrote a speculative piece about how HoloLens might work with XAML frameworks based on the sample applications Microsoft had been showing. Even though Microsoft has still released scant information about integration with 3D platforms, I believe I can provide a fairly accurate walkthrough of how HoloLens development will occur for

Marshall McLuhan and Understanding Digital Reality

While slumming on the internet looking for new content about digital media I came across this promising article entitled Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Application Development. I was feeling hopeful about it until I came across this peculiar statement: “Of the two technologies, augmented reality has so far been seen as the more viable choice…”