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HoloLens LinkedIn Learning Course

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My friend Dennis Vroegop and I have recorded a course for LinkedIn Learning (Lynda.com) called Developing Apps for the Microsoft HoloLens. We wanted this to be the get up and go course covering the HoloLens that takes you from zero to 60, while also providing a larger understanding of the device itself, it’s place in history, and what the current market for the HoloLens is.

As we say in the course, this is what we wished we had had when we were starting off with HoloLens a year ago. All in all, I think we succeeded beyond our wildest dreams. LinkedIn Learning is offering a free initial month to their video courses, so you can watch the whole thing and start programming on the emulator, if you want, with free software from Microsoft and Unity. All it takes is a will. This is the way.

Our producer on the shoot, Dennis Meyer, has written his insights on the whole process and what he now things about AR and VR after going through this adventure with me and Dennis V.

I hope you enjoy the course. Please let me know what you think in the comments.