Famous Youtubers: from our far-flung correspondent

Still not recovered from book writing, I have asked my eleven year old son to provide an overview of what’s going on in YouTube land.  My son spends a lot of time working on his own videos – mostly guides to Minecraft and short Lego stop-motion films – and looks up to the sort of people who have managed to eek out a living doing this.  Here are some of the movers-and-shakers in his world:

Hello audience, I am Paul Ashley; son of James Ashley… I am writing this article because of my epic writing skills I gained at school! Oh also because my dad said to… My Youtube account is PaulVAshley so remember to subscribe to me! Or don’t… Let’s begin our Top 5 Most subscribed Youtubers!

#5: Freddiew (Freddie Wong) 3,022,460(as of now) Subscribers.

Freddie and Brandon are two good friends who enjoy making videos with sweet VFX. I’ve always liked their videos, and I still do. I was first introduced to the channel by my friend ANONYMOUS. Umm… okay… anyway, he wanted to show me a tutorial Freddie and Brandon made on First Person Shooter Videos. I began watching all of his short movies starting with “Mr. Toots.” I have become one of his biggest fans. I also wonder what he has in store for us in “Video Game High School.” He is a great director and he is my role model!

#4: Machinima 4,356,027(as of now) Subscribers.

Machinima is an actual company that employs people to play games all day and occasionally make a “machinima” (A video with voices filmed from a game) from time to time. I think this channel is slightly unfair because they have hundreds of people making their videos. I enjoy certain songs that they make, but most videos I think to be just plain stupid. This is only my opinion though… Overall, I really like them only they sometimes have a video that is “bad.”

#3: Smosh (Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla) 4,464,823(as of now) Subscribers.

Smosh is definitely my personal favorite Youtube channel. They upload new videos every week. Ian has a separate channel for making shows called “Ian is bored,” and “Lunchtime with Smosh.” I was first introduced by a few friends, one of them being Sam. Anyways, we would watch the “Theme song” series (Mortal Kombat, Pokémon, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles…). That was back in ’07 or ’08. Nowadays, they upload sketch videos. Overall, I love all of their videos except a few crappy ones.

#2: Nigahiga (Ryan Higa) 5,256,220(as of now) Subscribers.

Nigahiga… The most popular, classic Youtuber of all time! He is definitely the most famous among Youtubers. I was first introduced by my friends Shirish, Sam, and ANONYMOUS. We enjoyed videos like “How to be Ninja, Gangster, and Nerd.” My favorite video is “THE BEST CREW: The Audition.” I almost died in laughter. Overall, I like ALL of his videos.

#1: RayWilliamJohnson 5,408,244(as of now) Subscribers.

FINALLY! I’ve been enslaved to write this article for HOURS! So… where were we… Ah yes, lucky number 1. Ray is a Youtuber that makes a web show called =3. I was first introduced by my friend Shirish. Mr. Johnson (hehe) used to entertain me when I was 10, but I’ve grown ever-so bored of his predictable jokes. He also has a channel called “BreakingNYC.” Ahem, now this boy-man is funny to the creepy weirdoes of Youtube. Overall, I hate to sound sketchy but I dislike all of his videos.

YAY! ENDING PARAGRAPH! I like all of the channels I reviewed except RWJ. Okay, bye guys that’s all you get.

-From the insane mind of Paul Vladimir Ashley.

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