Thank you Codestock

I greatly enjoyed the Codestock conference this year.  The new venue is definitely a move in the right direction.  Downtown Knoxville is a fantastic area – at least once I got oriented and discovered Market Street.

I mentioned several tools during my Advanced Windows Phone 7 development talk.  Here are the links:

To replace the default Windows Phone image with unlocked WP7 image (build 6176), follow this link: .  Drop the image into C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SDKs\WindowsPhone\v7.0\Emulation\Images and rename it wm70C1.bin .

For the application bar icons go here:

Stephane Crozatier’s implementation of the Pivot Control and Panorama Control (variations on the Hub concept) can be downloaded here:

Laurent Bugnion’s MVVM Lite framework, which includes templates for Windows Phone, is available here: 

Be sure to review the Windows Phone UI Design and Interaction Guidelines:

I also want to point everyone to a fantastic resource for learning Windows Phone Silverlight development I recently discovered.  It is Roberto Brunetti’s blog.  It is in Italian but is nevertheless fairly easy to follow thanks to his excellent use of images and code samples: .

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