Mike Strobel’s WPF Blog

I’ve been working with Mike Strobel for several weeks now at my current client.  He is an amazingly able WPF developer who has been plugging away at the technology since the days when we were still calling it Avalon (I must say, I really prefer the Microsoft code-names for their technologies to the utilitarian acronyms they eventually morph into – for instance, isn’t the “Atlas” moniker much superior to “ASP.NET AJAX”).

A day doesn’t go by that I don’t look at his code and have a small mental epiphany usually accompanied by the mumbled statement “I didn’t know you could do that with WPF.…”

After a bit of encouragement Mike has finally started blogging.  The first post is an explication of his history with WPF and the various ways he is currently using it.  One of the interesting things he reveals is that he not only is doing both game development and enterprise development using WPF, but that he is able to apply techniques he discovers (invents?) in one domain to the other.

You can find Mike’s blog here: http://codedreams.blogspot.com .

I hope that over the next few weeks you will be as blown away as I have been with the remarkable things he has been able to do on the WPF platform.

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